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Re: Behr/Moore Interview: [Picard] doesn't do enough f**king and fight

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^ this could explain why Picard was made all action hero like in the TNG films. FC called for action captain, but INS and NEM had significant input by Stewart. Picard driving the argo (which Stewart actually did since he was into driving fast cars at the time), going to the gym in NEM also check out his biceps in INS, and scoring some poon when Anji in the cave. Movie Picard is vastly different from the reserved show Picard.
I didn't mind them making Picard a bit more physical and active in the second half of the series, because I think Stewart had a point in one of the archival interviews that Picard needed to do more than just be a negotiator or stand around on the bridge or ready room giving speeches.

But the movies unfortunately just went completely overboard with the action. To the point where it actually started to look ridiculous to see Picard running around with a phaser rifle and climbing up steel girders after bad guys.

It just didn't feel like Picard at all.
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