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The women here are more than welcome to start a 'Dude of the Week' thread.
Yeah because two wrongs make a right.
Why is it wrong to admire a beautiful person, male or female?
Because your girlfriend wants to look like that, can't, and she's going to kill herself trying to look like that. Because the standard of beauty is not realistic. What do I mean? Photoshop. As Cindy Crawford says "I wish I looked like Cindy Crawford, too." Because of how much time and energy goes into each photograph for it to be right. Because women compare themselves to that image, that isn't really what the woman on the cover looks like.

It takes the thoughts and feelings and worth out of the woman and says "As long as you look like this, you can get whatever you want." That's all that matters.

Do you ever stop to think: What is she thinking about in that picture? What is the picture trying to tell me? Or are you just glancing over the pretty parts?
"Cogley was old-fashioned, preferring paper books to computers. He had an extensive collection of books, he claimed never to use the computer in his office."
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