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Re: Major Plot hole (spoilers)

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Spock cries with one eye instead of two. Yes, I know, it looks more memorable, and since 1989 or so it's been a staple in movies, but who among us has this capability?
Illogic at its greatest. IS it possible?
That's pretty funny. Nice parody of fans taking things to the extreme to find any bit of minutiae that they can erroneously call a "major plot hole."

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It's not a new thing, of course. It's been all over the place since Denzel Washington in GLORY, and maybe it did start with Nimoy. But ever since then, EVERY film, EVERY time, single tear. It's a cliche now. Did Robert Wise make it one tear in the Director's Cut, but two in the original 1979 version? In this case I don't recall Nimoy single-tearing, thus I ask.
Waaaaait a minute...

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Not to your satisfaction, but indeed yes. Who did it start with? Or is that the best you can offer? GLORY's one-tear scene was so unremarakable it Denzel Washington earned his first Oscar. I see length police, satire police, clever police, ''screaming'' police (where no screaming occurred), and accusations of stupidity from posts even less intellectually giant coming out of the woodwork, especially in Abrams-oriented posts. . But where are the smug police and supercilious police? STID was largely successful, but plot hole declarations, serious or not, hardly constitute a declaration of war against OPs. Don't just assume superiority, demonstrate it. And STAR TREK III and VI are as good as it gets.
Oh, oh god, you are serious.

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