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Re: Generations was...

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You haven't produced any facts, just one mans worry and a third hand statement. Nor does it dispel the on screen evidence of resetting for the next episode, before and after.
I could go find you the links to the various articles/interviews, etc., but at this point it would be a waste of my time, as you are clearly being deliberately closed-minded and obstinate. So if you care to find them yourself, you may do so.

As for AGT, I agree it was good, interesting story, but by the end of the episode the only real character development was Picards one-man journey and Rikers and Worfs agreement not to argue over Troi. :s Kinda defeats the whole point of development, and again we're back to nothing being different at the end of an episode.
I wasn't talking about AGT's character development. I was talking about how all seven regulars were used to much better effect than they were in Generations.

Thanks, but it was delibrayte.
I was aware of that. That's why I fixed them. And...I'm also done trying to converse with you. I'm glad you found some redeeming quality to Generations, but it's a lousy film nonetheless.
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