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Re: Bates Motel seemed like it's going 2 suck, & then it didn't.(Spoil

I guess the sheriff is a good guy after all. Tossing the money as well as the corpse of dear departed Mr. Abernathy pretty much confirms that; I actually laughed out loud when Mr. Cool knew that Norma was there all along and had followed him. I'm surprised Norma didn't shoot him when he was acting the part of sex trafficker.

I was shocked that they had Norman kill someone so soon. The teacher was inappropriate, but of course that's a far cry from deserving to get your throat slit. My mouth fell open when she didn't close the door. Poor Ms. Watson. That's learning the hard way not to pick up hitchhikers.

Fascinating reveal about Norma's past. I tend to believe what she told Norman; it certainly explains why she doesn't understand proper boundaries with a post pubescent son, and the whole "my dad always smiled and my mother smelled like cookies" idealization to the psychiatrist. Still--is she going to cover up for him? If my son were blacking out, I'd be a little panicked knowing that he already caved in his father's skull whilst in a previous blackout. That, and her incredulous "Why would he be leaving?" to the psychiatrist as if it never occurred to her that her 16 going on 17 year old son might want to move out someday are red flags from hell.

Ahhhh, Dylan and Bradley. There's the wild card situation. Dylan knows just enough to be suspicious of Norman and he does like Bradley though he told Norman he wouldn't go out with her, presumably because he knows Norman liked her. Dylan's a protective person underneath his ever shrinking facade of bravado. He wouldn't have relented on giving the gun to Norma otherwise. I'm liking the set up of this dynamic. The good brother/the bad brother. The protective brother/the violent brother. The stable brother/the unstable brother. Cain and Abel anyone? That was one scary look Norman had on his face when Dylan and Bradley were talking at the house. Just where is this going?

All in all, a very good season. Not quite great but getting there. A few episodes dragged a little, but the character work's been great as have the performances. I'll be checking back in to the Bates Motel next season.

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