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Posted by Iarfirithwen:
Posted by flux_29:
Info please.
I gave Illya my word ~ and my word is platinum And really I don't know anything anyway, other than being able to confirm what he/she said as per above. Boring of me I know.

I've been thinking of the idea of the "potential" Cylon POV ep and just wondering, would this mean we'd get to see a bit more of the interior of a basestar? Or would they do it from the POV of cylons in the fleet (such as D'anna)
or Caprica (I'd consider that the least likely). I remember on RDM's podcast for I think it was KLG, that he considered the idea of a white interior and I think it was Michael Rymer who wanted the fleshy stuff. While I like the fleshiness and it blends well with the raiders, part of me still likes the almost dimensionless quality to the old bright white room. So I'd actually like to see that still. I can't exactly imagine the chrome cylons (new and old) walking around on the mushy "living" interior. I always like a stark bright white room Ideas anyone?
There a several ways one could do this.

1. A lone Cylon in the fleet whom we, the viewers do not actually see. I'd play this one as "lower decks" (TNG) type episode, but nobody knows s/he's a Cylon, and we get to see the entire episode literally through his/her eyes...then at the end, we pull back from the screen and see that it has been watched by the Cylons back on Caprica, leaving us wondering who the Cylon is that we've been following all this time.

2. Set it in a Cylon base or basestar. There really isn't any reason there can't be both organic and mechanical components within a Cylon basestar. The outer hulls of the raiders are metal. Their innards are organic. The Cylons are, themselves, mechanical with the human types being organic. It makes sense that the Cylons have themselves grafted organic components into their own technology at some point anyway. Why shouldn't they have metallic surfaces with parts of their basestars? I think one has to propose a false antithesis to say that the interiors must be either organic or a white room or a more conventional interior for that matter.

It does make for an interesting contrast, however, in that humans surround themselves with mechanical devices and call this "technology," While the Cylons surround themselves with organics and call this "technology." It emphasizes the fact that Cylons perceive the humans as non-living pieces of technology that they can kill, while humans have the same perception of the Cylons. Since Cylons perceive "technology" as "organic" and the humans perceive it is "mechanical," yet both seem to view "technology" as "nonliving," or in the case of the raiders "expendable," (e.g. as human perceive animals, so Cylons perceive raiders), the real question remains then, "Are the human type Cylons alive in either the Cylon or the human sense?" If was to write a story from the Cylon perspective, it would be in attempt to answer that question.

I don't know exactly what content I would put in the story, but it would largely revolve around exploring the answer from both the human and the Cylon perspective, perhaps in two parallel instances...I could see exploring it from Boomer's perspective or Six's perspective within the Fleet with a parallel Six or Boomer dealing with the mechanical Cylons on Caprica or a basestar in a different situation, perhaps showing that Cylon society, since the advent of the human type Cylons is not this monolithic mechanical construct, but one in which the mechanicals and the humans aren't always in agreement. We've not heard the mechanical Cylons speak so far, but, if the old ones are still around (they still have their uses), they may speak, so perhaps this episode would also include one or two of them acting in some sort of authority-wisdom capacity, with them acting as the voices of the mechanical Cylon part of their society as Six, Boomer, or whoever deals with the mechanicals, providing advice, leadership, or instruction to both mechanicals and human Cylons.
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