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Re: Offiical XBox (3) Launch Thread

Yeah.. that's also the potential to become huge.

People are used to borrowing games from friends (I've done it many times with a friend) and when they find out they can't or have to pay extra they'll get very angry.

Especially with console game prices ranging from anything from 30 to 60 Euro (75$+) i'd really hate to spend so much cash only to find out it's a boring game and then not even have the option to sell/give it to someone else.

I still believe MS really planned an always on console but after the insane shit storm and a PS4 that doesn't have forced online connection i guess they did a 180 and removed that feature.. it would be an explanation why MS was so silent these past few weeks. I guess they evaluated their options and looked at ways to remove this feature on the technical level and it took them a while.

Now the same could happen with this "tied to console" games.. they are waiting if it will create a second shit storm or if they can get away with it. Maybe shit will only hit the fan once people buy the console and then find out the hard way their games are locked to their console. Might force MS to patch this away with a system update or not depending on the scale of this.
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