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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

43. Planet Hulk: A-
44. Welcome to the Jungle: F
45. The Time Travelers Wife: B+
46. Star Trek into Darkness: A-
47. The Lost Tomb of Jesus: B

STiD: I don't have the patience to delve into the actual grade thread in the proper forum. So much nit picking in the build up alone to release I can only imagine what's going on now. Suffice to say I found that once again the PR of Cumberbatch "he's not who you think" fell through as dynamically as for 3yrs them telling us we had't figured out LOST. This attempt at subterfuge should die. I did enjoy the film. The Klingon look wasn't that too far removed from what we expected. Not sure the helmets added anything imo. I actually got a Predator vibe.

Lost Tomb of Jesus: In this 1hr45min Discover Channel documentary Executive Produced by James Cameron they trace the probability that a burial tomb unearthed in Israel in 1980 during construction for some apartments could be that of Jesus of Nazareth. What I found interesting was that for the whole documentary he's never referred to as Jesus Christ, always Jesus of Nazareth. Now regardless of ones spiritual leanings I think if you are of a historical curious person you might find this an interesting viewing. The Bible as a historical record is still part of our history and Jesus has had a big impact ever since. The brush up against possible ramifications if the bones found in one of the ossuaries (crypts) is actually Jesus and explain how they could be and still allow for those connected to the faith aspect to be in tact. There are speculations regarding Mary Magdalene and ties to a child that died young also found in the Tomb. As well as an ossuary for one of Jesus' brothers, which was a unique spelling. I enjoyed it from multiple perspectives but could see how it would upset the bedrock believer perhaps.
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