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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

Posted by Iarfirithwen:

I've been thinking of the idea of the "potential" Cylon POV ep and just wondering, would this mean we'd get to see a bit more of the interior of a basestar? Or would they do it from the POV of cylons in the fleet (such as D'anna)
or Caprica (I'd consider that the least likely). I remember on RDM's podcast for I think it was KLG, that he considered the idea of a white interior and I think it was Michael Rymer who wanted the fleshy stuff. While I like the fleshiness and it blends well with the raiders, part of me still likes the almost dimensionless quality to the old bright white room. So I'd actually like to see that still. I can't exactly imagine the chrome cylons (new and old) walking around on the mushy "living" interior. I always like a stark bright white room Ideas anyone?
i think the cylons on a basestar and Caprica Picon...
would be a good to see.
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