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I would recommend Space Battleship Yamato 2199 if you want a current series. It is airing now in Japan.

It is, in some ways, superior to the original. Not only does it have modern animation and art, but also the producers know what happened after the orignal series and can incorperate the progression logically and fill in the plot holes, or adjust the plot holes or animation errors to make them logical in the story.

For instance, in the original the Gamilas were human colored from the start to episode 10, than shifted onscreen to blue skin which they kept for the remainder of the series. Well, in Yamato 2199, the Gamilas soldiers in the Sol System are still human skin toned, but are from a conquorer peoples that now serve the Greater Gamilas Empire as second class citizens. The blue skinned Gamilas are the first class citizens and rulers of the Empire. There are multiple races under the control of the Gamilas Empire. Those that serve can earn status as second class citizens, while other will be destroyed.

The Humans have been fighting Gamilas for 8 years. But they fought in previous interplanetary wars with their colony on Mars. These wars are the reason they had a large fleet of ships at the start to fight the Gamilas. This is also why the Earth already has underground cities, as the Martians would sometimes use Meteors to attack Earth.

They added another Iscandarian sister to Starsha who comes to Earth a year before events in the show. She's the one that delivers the plans for the Wave Motion Engine, so they have time to build Yamato as a Faster-than-Light starship. The Battle at Pluto is a diversionary tactic to pull the Gamilas sytem blockade to one spot so that the other Iscandarian sister can run the blockade to deliver a vital engine component to Earth. A piece Earth could not build themselves (or at least not in a reasonable amount of time with existing resources).

Yamato is no longer the reconstructed hulk of the Battlehip Yamato from 1945. It is a totally new ship built under the wrecks former location. The contruction site is camoflagued to look like the wreck from orbit so the Gamilas won't spot it. it is built near the surface away from cities because the humans really don't know what the Wave Motion Engine will do. Safety first. The ship is also larger than the old battleship. The new vessel (BBY-01) is 333 meters long. The same height as Tokyo Tower...or a Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier.

The ship's crew has 999 people. Most are Japanese due to the emergency nature of the plan, Earth's regions being isolated by the war, and that the several of the originally selected officers were killed before the launch. Thus the crew is mostly younger officers and enlisted in their early 20s or late teens (17-19). The several of the main cast (the characters from the original show) have been promoted to fill their positions. (Kodai for example was an Ensign before boarding Yamato, but was promoted to Lieutenant and placed in charge of the Tactical Department. The officer that was suppose to have that position is MIA). The crew is about 700 males and 300 females. No more is Yuki the only woman on the ship. There are five prominate female characters on Yamato. Most taking roles Yuki held in the old series (she did practically everything on that ship that wasn't combat oriented).

Lastly, the story expands on the Gamilas side of things. It makes them seem more real than the 1970s villains they were back then.
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