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Taking the topic a bit too seriously, R. Star. It's an idle thought.

Would a transporter duplicate have the legal right to claim the William Riker persona? Or would he be considered an accident, and be legally summarily corrected (i.e., executed)?

Obviously, the humane thing to do would be what was done - get him back on his feet and send him on his way. I'm just wondering what his legal status would be. With all the weird technologies and demi-god aliens in Trek, would the judicial and legislative systems of the Federation have some kind of precedents to refer to in the case of duplicate beings, at least those that aren't clones? What kind of weird laws might be on the books in the Federation, where transporters can either split a person into "good" and "evil" beings, or duplicate them wholesale? With all the presumably millions of people transporting every day (it really is the safest way to travel, Reg), there must be a few similar accidents occurring yearly, or at least every decade. What would happen legally to these "people"?

Just an idle thought that crossed my mind. Don't assume I'm some racist douchebag because of it.
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