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Re: A response to the Nerd Rage. Spoilers

The reason that Khan and the Borg are considered the best villains is because the heroes were outmatched and bad things happened. There's no thrill to it if it isn't dark. You can't do all of Trek like that, but it's a great building block for character relationships when their backs are to the wall. Most of my friends and my former Trekker husband loved it, but two of my friends weren't sure about it. I can respect everyone's opinion about it, but I will say that some people have rose-colored glasses on when it comes to the older stuff. I was never the type of person who could stick with one hobby for my whole life, so it seems strange when I have friends who do...but I think it has to do with change. I love change, and I hate routine. I try to figure everything out about something as fast as I can, and then move on to something else. But I know that not everyone is like that - I am married to a routine-loving nuclear engineer, so it's all about balance. Both of us really liked this movie, though, because it does have that balance to us- the old with the new. You can't make something completely new because then it really doesn't feel like Star Trek. But you can't keep everything the same because then you're just rehashing the same things. I know not everyone feels this way, but we do, and I guess that's good enough for me. I don't demand everyone else like it, though.

I will fight anyone that says a bad word about Cumberbatch, though, lol. He could have played a redshirt and he STILL would have stolen the scene.
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