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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

7x9-Avenger2.0: Dr. Felger is back, this time without his sidekick Dr.Phlox(Billingsly). I don't recall the character name offhand. Felger is about to have his funding taken away and fired for not producing results the SGC can use. He makes a bold last ditch effort to save his job by (over)promising to deliver a way to scramble the DHD on Gou'ald held Gates. What happens instead is that the Gates update each other, due to stellar drift, and Dr.Fletecher's program initiates an update and the whole Gate network is infected. SG teams stranded, Tok'ra operatives who can't check in...disaster. It's a cute episode but I don't want Felger turning into the Reginald Barclay of SG-1. If I don't see him again I'll be fine at this point.

7x10-Birthright: An all female lead, in hiding, encampment of Jaffa women are sabotaging Jaffa stations and outposts and when possible, stealing their symbiotes. The group is lead by Enterprise star Jolene Blalock(is Ent over at this point?). She and Billingsly have guested now. The SG team tries to convince them to get off the symbiotes and onto Tritonan(sp). This episode is an exercise of what role women play in Jaffa society, which mostly is a backseat role. Or has been dominantly played that way with few exceptions. As per usual our leader is willing to explore but a second in command is opposed. Especially since her "coming of age" sister is due a symbiote, she wants to stay true to the current way. She is testing the waters of an insurrection when her sister wants to try the Tritonan method. Teal'C gets some prime action, in more ways than one, in the episode. Will Jolene's character be back? I really liked this episode. It felt like a mini Xena episode in some aspects.

7x11-Evolution pt.1: Anubis is bioengineering a new breed of foot soldier. Essentially replacing the Jaffa. They are outfitted with special energy absorbing body armor is that is rumored to have ties to the Ancients. Dr.Jackson and Dr.Lee begin a quest to track down the device which is rumored to likely still be on Earth. They find the artifact just in time to be kidnapped by some local bushmen. Meanwhile Jack and SG-3 are going to try and capture one of these new Anubis footsoldiers alive in order to question him/her. They manage to do so but the creature can't actual speak. Most likely due to being grown from gestation to adult in just a few weeks and given no "life lessons" as Carter mentioned. They use the memory recall device of the Tokra to basically read his thoughts for intel. Like, where are you from. This sets the stage for ambusing Anubis' "clone army".

7x12-Evolution pt.2: While Dr.Jackson and Lee are being held hostage Lee succumbs to torture and tells them the device contains an unknown energy. While tampering with it, the Bushmen leader activates the device, it begins to glow and emit light. The State dept can't risk sending anyone into the area due to the politics in the S.American area(I forget the country right now). They set him up with a local operative...Veronica Mars dad, called Burk here!! He and Jack have a complicated history so the team-up is reluctant on both parts. Jacob/Selmak have a plan to wear the alien armor, Gate into Anubis' stronghold and destroy the place. This actually work, with little hang up. I expected it to go south but suddenly Jacob is like ObiWan powering down the tractor beam all stealthy. It's discovered that Anubis has a queen who is birthing "blank slate" symbiotes to fuel this clone army. They plant charges there first.
Back on Earth the bushmen are fighting among themselves and the limited exposure has had an effect. We don't fully know what, till one shoots the other and he comes back to life.
Daniel and Lee break free of their prison and run for it. Jack and Burk are nearby when they hear the gunfire and head that way.
Jacob and Teal'C manage to sabotage Anubis's and escape but I'm not sure Anubis is anything more than annoyed at the setback as nothing is implied that Anubis himself is in harm following the sabotage.

Not a bad two parter but not one I'd want to rewatch multiple times. I think it felt grand on paper...unless these faceless drone warriors are developed more which would make this episode kinda like the starting point of our exposure to the Unas and Replicators.
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