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Re: A response to the Nerd Rage. Spoilers

aeriolewinters wrote: View Post
Notice that in this film, the Enterprise never actually fires a single phaser bank, other than to protect itself...
Actually, Enterprise doesn't fire a single shot in the movie.

EnterpriseF wrote: View Post
Sorry. The death scene and the fact that a star ship can withstand ocean pressures does nothing for me. Remeber when Trek was about science?
If the Enterprise's hull can take Impulse power acceleration, I'm sure water isn't a problem.

Chu'lak wrote: View Post
um, Voyager episode "30 days" Tom took the Delta Flyer to Planet Ocean, deep in the core. Janeway said Voyager could do it, but it would take a week to modify Voyager for the journey down...
I'm sure Janeway could do it with enough prep time.
And that's my opinion.
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