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Re: The Mention of [Spoiler] incident (Spoilers? Maybe.)

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It wasn't a nod to the comic, but from the comic to the movie.
Right. I'm sure the scriptwriters intended it to be a reference to Harry Mudd, but for whatever reason, the creators of Countdown to Darkness chose to interpret it very differently, including a blond Bajoran woman who was named Mudd for reasons that were never explained.
I see. I didn't look at it that way. Personally, I like what they did with "Mudd" and I like her as a character. She would have been fun to see on screen. I hope we at least see more of her in the comics.

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And I still don't get why they felt compelled to make her Bajoran. She could have been human and you'd have the exact same story.
Probably to add a bit of alienness to the character. It doesn't seem like a bit deal. Trek does this a lot.

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For all we know, she's a completely unrelated character and Mudd just happens to be a Bajoran name.
I think that's a bit of a stretch. I think we're supposed to believe that she's his daughter, or at best, that she's related to him in some way.

I didn't know that Roger C. Carmel was that young. He does look older and if Mudd's age wasn't established, I can believe that he's old enough to have a 20-something daughter.
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