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Re: A response to the Nerd Rage. Spoilers

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I think alot of the hate is a smokescreen to the real issue at hand: WAHHH OUR SOCIAL CLUB ISN'T EXCLUSIVE TO US ANYMORE. GO AWAY DUMB REDNECKS WHO CAN'T UNDERSTAND MUH STAR TREK.
I see a lot more people complaining about people who don't like it, than people who don't like it complaining. To say nothing of the mind boggling arrogance it takes to assume one's own opinion is right because it's yours and anyone else who thinks differently is somehow subject to ridicule because they have the audacity to express it.

I am not telling anyone they are WRONG for not liking it. I am pointint out that the reactions I am seeing online and in the podcast reviews I have heard, there is an irrational hatred that is not based on facts, but on an emotional feeling of what Trek "should be."
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