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Re: A response to the Nerd Rage. Spoilers

Everyone's entitled to their opinions. Some like the movie, some don't.

Reactions to both Abrams movies is subdued compared to Enterprise back in the day. Broken Bow, the term "Klingon Warbird" is spoken. Fandom is in an outrage, declaring Berman and Braga unfit to run Trek and demanding their replacements be brought in last week. The same term used in Trek XI, Abrams and his Cohorts are gods and saviours of Trek.

There is nothing new in fan reaction to STID. Hell, the overwhelming love and support XI got was in all honesty scary. Trek fans are meant to be hate-mongering cynics who refuse to accept the new product. Indeed, back in the day, you weren't allowed to admit you liked an episode or movie until five years after it aired/was released. Things got weird in 2009.
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