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Re: New Star Wars animated show "Rebels" coming fall 2014

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YES! I just knew that the would do something like this the moment Clone Wars ended!
Well why didn't you share this with us? I've been simmering in my own juices since TCW was canned!

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billcosby wrote:
Ahsoka pounds the crap out of him and almost kills him as Vader
Vader would mop the floor with her.
Would he though? Historically I would agree that Vader would best anyone but I read a very smart article/post/opinion piece a while ago that suggested that Vader was really not as powerful as his presence would suggest. This is why Palps is so eager to get Luke instead of Vader in V-VI... Armored Vader is a consolation prize. Sure he's powerful with anger but he's encased in a suit limiting his movement and vision. Plus, he can't do the force lightning trick on account of having a mostly metal body. He duels with Obi Wan who wants to be defeated anyway to force-ghost himself... then he battles Luke twice, once where he doesn't want to kill him (I am your father) and then again while Palps is egging on Luke to destroy him!

I think if Vader ends up being a presence in this series and has some lightsaber screen time it'll be critical to what extent they are going to show his adjustment as a Jedi (sith) in this walking coffin that he's stuck inside. But hey - I'd be pleased as punch to see Vader cut Ahsoka in two if that's truly the end of her story. And what an incredible ending that would be.
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