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Re: A response to the Nerd Rage. Spoilers

Chu'lak wrote: View Post
I can see not liking this movie for legitimate reasons, too fast to action packed, too much fun.
Yeah, that's it. I didn't like STID because it was just too much darn fun. You got me. LOL...

What's with all these whiney threads? So you liked the film. Great! I'm not going to try to convince you otherwise. I'll offer my own opinions, you can offer yours, and I won't lump you into a sweeping generalization of people who liked the film as you're doing in your post with people who didn't like the film.

There are Star Trek fans who didn't like ID. Get over it. Why not focus on what you liked about the film rather than obsess over fans who didn't like it. "Hate" Star Trek fans? Pointless and silly. I think that pic of Shatner from SNL is entirely appropriate.
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