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A response to the Nerd Rage. Spoilers

“I am Nomad! What is opinion!?”

You know what I am beginning to hate? Star Trek fans. I can see not liking this movie for legitimate reasons, too fast to action packed, too much fun. Not enough staff meetings and mapping stars and studying nebulae. But I am reading things online like “McCoy said he delivered baby Gorn! Starfleet didn’t have first contact with the Gorn until 2267!” This constant stream of Comic Book Guy nerd rage makes me embarrassed to be a fan. Uber Nerds are saying it’s worse than The Motion Picture. <SIGH>

This movie is based on a series that the lead character got into a fist fight every week, tore his shirt open and once ran up a wall and tackled an Andorian with a knife stuck in his back. We've seen how bad trek can be.

The hyperventilating rage about the Kirk death scene:
In Wrath of Khan, that seen is used to show how the friend of nearly 20years comes to end and shows the love between these two best friends. In STID, the scene shows the cementing of a bond of two men who realize they need the best parts of one another. In Amok Time when he thought Kirk was dead and Kirk surprised him, Spock shouted smiled and embraced his friend. Here Kirk dies, and we get the same loss of control and an epic beat down.

The GandT Podcast raged against it, saying people rightfully walked out of the theatre when Khan revealed his identify. Some on The Ready Room podcast accused it of being not only a terrible Star Trek movie but a terrible movie in general. My Facebook timeline has comments like “I wasted 36 years of my life learning about Star Trek for nothing!” I’ve heard ignorant ranting’s like “Kirk didn’t violate the Prime Directive on Nibiru! There was no Prime Directive on TOS!”

I’m shocked and frankly saddened by the outrage and hatred being spewed by fans of a show that teaches IDIC. They are supposed to be so open minded and accepting, but if you create a new univervse to a 50 year old TV show they act like you have kidnapped their child and forced them into committing murder.

I’ve never seen anything like this. I was only 6 when TNG premiered in 1987, but was there this kind of rage in Starlog magazine and the old school bbs when the rough and tumble, fist fighting, womanizing Kirk was replaced by a docile, cheese eating surrender monkey?
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