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Re: New Treknology Into Darkness

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Yeah, this movie had it's share of dumb Hollywood "science"...

You are forgetting how the shuttles and ships, which have shields and can survive phasers and photon torpedoes and re-entry and the corona's of stars, etc, etc, etc...can't survive the measly heat of a *volcano*!?
Real spacecraft can survive reentry too, but you probably wouldn't want to land one in the middle of an exploding volcano.

As for the corona of stars, I'm pretty sure that's something that starships and shuttlecraft CAN'T do, which is the whole reason why the 24th century "metaphasic shield" thing was such an important invention.

Oh, but Spock's *suit* can!?
Yes. Because Spock's suit, unlike shuttlecraft, is DESIGNED to do so. Basically, it's the futuristic version of equipment we already have today.

And how did the people who made "Harrison" 300 years ago have the ability to reverse death - but the Federation doctors 300 years later couldn't!?
Of course they could. If the kind of genetic engineering that created Harrison in the first place wasn't illegal just about everywhere.

And really, they have NO cryonics in the 23rd century at all!?
No they don't.

Is that news to you? That's been established since Space Seed aired in 1966. They also won't have any kind of efficient "stasis field" technology until at least half a century later; I have long suspected, in fact, that that was one of the medical technologies they got from the library on Yonada.

Then there's the "transwarp beaming" device (which I assume works like similar to TNG's "subspace transporter"...?)
No, it works EXACTLY like the transporter system Scotty and Kirk used in the first movie, which was installed in his shuttlecraft. Probably a miniaturized version cooked up by Section 31.
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