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Re: I am taking command of the fleet.

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The borg sent a cube for the federation a year after encountering it, then another after a few more years.
That, when the borg could easily have sent thousands of cubes.

You don't send so little resources if you actually care about conquering the opponent.
Well you're the one who said they had millions of cubes. Would it kill them to send 15 and be done with it ?
The borg would have to care enough in order to send 15 cubes (BTW, Voy "Scorpion" establishes the borg has millions of cubes).
It doesn't do much for the federation's ego, does it?: to find out the federation's archenemy cares about it so little, it can't even be bothered to send a measly 15 cubes to finish it off.

An arguments-free dictum. How very not convincing.
Again, would you mind being more civil ? I don't see anything else than argument by fiat from you either. Chill a bit.
First - argument by fiat. Do you see me arguing the existence of god? Or breaking Occam's razor in my arguments?
Do explain your claim, Belz.

Second - If by civil you mean not calling out the obviously flawed arguments of a poster, then no - I will not pull my punches in this matter. If you come up with transparently false/obfuscating posts, I have no problem calling you out on it; nor do I consider this to be improper.
Beyond that - I will NOT recourse to ad personams and other such tactics.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton
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