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Re: I am taking command of the fleet.

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I think it's implied that it's through a telepathic link (forged during his time with the Collective) that becomes active whenever the Borg are in the neighborhood.
Right, it doesn't make sense. Picard isn't a Betazoid.
Which is irrelevant because we have seen Humans experience telepathic links before in which they are the receiver rather than the sender (one example is in TOS with Miranda Jones). Some telepathic races like Vulcans require physical contact to establish a link while others like Betazoids do not. Some telepathic races are so powerful that they can transmit thoughts over vast distances in space. With the Borg comprised of many races assimilated from all over known space, it's not implausible all that a telepathic race (or several) are among them and that biological distinctiveness was added to the Collective.
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