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The borg actions - presented on screen (and easily pointed to), that is - speak louder than words. Not that the shows give even much lip service to the notion that the borg have as a priority the assimilation of the federation.
Well, here's the way I see it: they attack Earth twice, and in Endgame stand poised to do it a third time. To me, that's not "not caring". It seems like they very much want to assimilate Earth. Now, perhaps you can point to something that instead indicates that they don't.
The borg sent a cube for the federation a year after encountering it, then another after a few more years.
That, when the borg could easily have sent thousands of cubes.

You don't send so little resources if you actually care about conquering the opponent.

Timo wrote: View Post
To nitpick, we don't know that anything shown in "Descent" would be available to the Collective. It could all have been the doing of the separated group of Borg - the ones who adopted fast Drone movement, ranged personal combat weapons and freedom of emotions, among other atypical features.
Really, Timo?
So - either this group of drones were super geniuses (nothing showed or implied they were) or the collective at large already had transwarp (as it's established in Voy).

You could stand to look up "probable" speculation in the dictionary, as well.

It's a more general point that the Borg don't seem to evolve on timescales as short as centuries or millennia. If they have transwarp today, they probably had it three thousand years ago already. If they weren't stable like that, how come they have existed for hundreds of millennia yet not skyrocketed to some sort of a more prominent existence, through a dozen "singularities"?
The borg evolve - technologically - quite rapidly, as long a there's someone more advanced to assimilate.
Singularity? In trek you only have turning into a lightbulb via spirituality hand-waving.

Voy "Hope and fear" - we saw a species that survived the borg for centuries before being defeated.
And we never learned they would have been any more powerful than the UFP, in absolute terms.
The only thing that could make it clearer that they were stronger than the federation would have been to be told directly they were stronger than the federation.
They had more advanced tech, were far more successful against far more borg than the federation, etc.

It instead rather seems that the Borg don't care all that much about anybody, not in the sense of seeing them as threats needing to be eliminated. The Borg are invulnerable to counterattacks, and have no pressing need to cause devastation. They can assimilate on a very prolonged schedule - the slower, the better, because that gives the opponent more time to invent cool countermeasures that then fall in Borg hands.
And then there are the one planet species in the delta quadrant the borg assimilated completely and abruptly - by sending a few cubes. As opposed to sending a cube to assimilate an entire quadrant.

There are species the borg really want to assimilate and species that don't have this "honor". The federation is among the latter.
For this latter, one could make the argument regarding borg using them to harvest new technologies.

It's probably noteworthy that "Best of Both Worlds" is the only time the Borg claim they have come to assimilate Earth, or the UFP, or whatever. Also interestingly, they do so through Locutus, not through their Collective voice. It's as if they needed the services of a dedicated liar to get their act going...
The borg said they'll assimilate their targets in First Contact (while heading straight for earth) and pretty much every time they were encountered afterwards.

You will have the right to say this when you will actually present evidence of your own
Naah. You better just learn some manners, then learn the meaning of those words, and then return to the conversation. No action is required from the part of anybody else.
An arguments-free dictum. How very not convincing.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton

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