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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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So why are they putting out Red Three (Biggs) for the X-Wing?
Why? Or when?

If you mean when he'll be part of the very first wave of the new 3.75" Black Series line at the end of this coming summer and he'll be on store pegs to coincide with the Toys 'R' Us-exclusive Biggs X-Wing being released around the same time.
No, I meant why, and I was referring to the X-Wing itself. Specifically, if this is the only X-Wing on the shelves (and I really have no clue if it is or isn't), why would they make the Red 3 version instead of Red 5?

A related question to your answer though, if they're releasing the Biggs figure, are they also going to release R2-Q2 in that line?
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