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Re: What did you like/dislike about Into Darkness (Spoilers)

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let's make a quick list of all the bad shit about it
>Blue Bussard cells.

-Agree with the other poster that color doesn't really matter.

>The warp effects being so different from the first movie's badass effects.

-Again, agree that it was refitted. I found it cool, actually.

>Enterprise working in-atmosphere.

-Well, considering the Enterprise was built ON Earth, I think it would be a HUUUUGE oversight for it to not be able to work within it's atmosphere.

>Making the USS Vengeance BLACK 'N SCARY.

-Why wouldn't they? It's a warship, not an apple store. Plus side: Less lensflare.

>Khan not being played by someone who looked like Fabio.

-Alright, major qualm here. If Khan had been played by anyone else, the role would have been cheesy and overdone. Cumberbatch had the subtlety to play it menacingly AND sympathetically. IMO, he was the best part of the movie. Plus he's the type of actor that his personality and acting ability make him attractive. Just ask the swarms of female fans of Sherlock if he's sexy or not.

>Not even batting an eye at the hundreds (thousands maybe) that died when the USS Vengeance crashed into Starfleet Academy and fucking leveled half of San Fransisco.

-I'm sure they cared, but ATM, they were trying to find Khan. Plus they were still just happy that it wasn't them that crashed.

>The first scene having no explanation.

-Why does it need one? It was there to set up the movie, we don't have to know the backstory. It reminds me of an episode of the BBC Sherlock where he just suddenly walks holding a harpoon and covered in blood, mad that he had to take the tube because no cab would take him. We don't need to know WHAT he was doing, it's just a great setup.

>The first scene's plan being fucking terribly thought out and executed (Bungee jump into a volcano and see what happens, Spock.)

-Again, we don't know what the thought process was getting there, so I'm prepared to take it on face value.

>The gunship not blasting Pike into bits when it hits him with its disruptor cannon. Shit, they made that thing sound and feel so beefy, I'd expect it to fucking gib him.

-Didn't seem "That Beefy" to me- he just needed something that could shoot a lot. Personally, I think it would have been laughable had it blown up people.

>When the Admiral's head gets mushed, his daughter is all smiles the next day. Sure he was a dick, but I'd be pretty fucking traumatized after that.

-Not the next day, a year later at a dedication ceremony.

>Some other little things that also don't really matter, because I nitpick everything.

-That's fine, there are little nitpicks. It's just whether they bother you enough to hate the movie.

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