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Re: I am taking command of the fleet.

So what they had in Endgame they had all along
That would be TNG "Descent".

You say they don't care, but that's not what we see on the show.
The borg actions - presented on screen (and easily pointed to), that is - speak louder than words. Not that the shows give even much lip service to the notion that the borg have as a priority the assimilation of the federation.

Of course, as always, feel free to point out the relevant on-screen evidence that the borg care so much about the federation.

we have seen zero space-faring states in Star Trek, in any region of the galaxy, that can be a threat to the Borg, so if the Federation is not a priority, what is (prior to species 8472, that is) ?
Not quite.
Voy "Hope and fear" - we saw a species that survived the borg for centuries before being defeated. And not the borg as in a cube every now and then, but as in thousands of cubes exerting constant pressure.
Such resistance is FAR beyond anything the federation can achieve - as proven by its pathetic performances against single borg cubes.

And as for what are priorities to the borg - as Voy showed, species in the delta quadrant, near borg territory.
The federation is, most likely, simply too distant for the borg to concern itself with. And it has no unusual technology that the borg particularly wants.

I'm not sure you're entirely clear on what's "probable" or what evidence is.
You will have the right to say this when you will actually present evidence of your own; and when you will define the meaning you just used for the words "probable" and "evidence" in such a way so as not to embarass yourself.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton

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