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Re: Post-Iron Man 3: What about Betty Ross?!

Skywalker wrote: View Post
I really hope they do another Hulk movie.

Maybe they'll do one as part of Phase Three, since Phase Two seems like it's pretty much set.
Phase Two definitely is, yeah. And I wouldn't expect them to make any Hulk movie commitment prior to his role in Avengers 2, to make sure that success wasn't a fluke.

Nick Ryder wrote: View Post
But they COULD do a She-Hulk or even cameo by Betty in the new Shield show maybe. I know she's a 'movie' actress, but c'mon... how much would she be for a walk on role? She's not doing THAT much now honestly.
Heck, I don't think Ruffalo's too big for an occasional visit, say, once a season or so, though it'd almost certainly be a Banner-only appearance.
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