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Re: Generations was...

It's been well-documented by both the people who worked on TNG, and Patrick Stewart himself. It's not my fault that you choose not to believe the facts. I suppose you don't believe we landed men on the moon because you never worked at NASA.
You haven't produced any facts, just one mans worry and a third hand statement. Nor does it dispel the on screen evidence of resetting for the next episode, before and after.

If you don't care for my choice of example, then how about "All Good Things...?" Roughly the same running time as Generations, and yet not only was ALL the cast involved to more or less equal degree, Yar was even involved too. Now compare that to Generations, FC, Insurrection, and Nemesis, where it was clearly the Stewart-Spiner show, and the five others were relegated to the background.
FC, Ins, and less so with Nemesis, were fairly naff stories and weak delivery IMO (though I still enjoy them) which I think came from the loss of the history when they got rid of the D. Not that I would change Generations, but the come back could have been done better.
As for AGT, I agree it was good, interesting story, but by the end of the episode the only real character development was Picards one-man journey and Rikers and Worfs agreement not to argue over Troi. :s Kinda defeats the whole point of development, and again we're back to nothing being different at the end of an episode.

BTW, I fixed your incorrect quotations.
Thanks, but it was delibrayte.

...And before people think that I think those episodes are awful, I love them. They're just not in my top ten, but they're in the top 10%. I don't believe they were the most adventurous in storytelling or character development, as there were episodes and films which better cover the human condition.
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