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Re: the ceiling of Kirk`s Bridge - transparent?

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The opening scene in The Menagerie/The Cage shows a camera zoom from space into the bridge, that I always thought was a visual language not to be taken literally.
I believe your assumption to be correct (and Albertese has provided evidence).

This is a good occasion to mention another, similar "offender", i.e. the original TOS footage of the shuttlebay.

If you were to take the angle and position of the miniature filming camera literally, you'd have a rather hollow engineering hull. On the other hand, had the shot been taken from the observation corridor facing the stern, we would not have been able to see the shuttlebay in all its glory.

Just like the shot in "The Cage" established the position of the bridge for (yet unfamiliar) audiences, I believe the same applied for the shuttlebay and shouldn't be taken too literally (add to this that Matt Jefferies' sketch would support such an assumption).

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