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Not even close.
It took the borg a year to send a single cube, when it could send thousands in days.
Correction: it took it a year to get there. The transwarp hub thing was invented at the end of Voyager.
"Descent" (before Voyager) is when we knew the borg have transwarp. But the borg had it the whole time.
And transwarp can get cubes to the federation in hours.

And if they could do that, why not send a thousand, destroy the federation, and get back in time for dinner ? That way they _also_ get to keep their cubes back home.
Back home doing nothing as opposed to assimilating a target. Unconvincing:
Why would the borg do this - if it actually cares about assimilating said target, that is?

And, seeing that the borg has MILLIONS of cubes, tech FAR more advanced that the federation and is assimilating new species, technology and territory/resources at an impressive rate, the borg can not only crush the federation at any time it feels like it, it can do the same thing in the future (even if, by some miracle, the federation manages to close the technology gap, the numerical gap remains overwhelming).
That's not helping your argument. If they can do so at any time, and have demonstrated the intention of doing so, why don't they ?
Actually, it is helping my argument by making obvious that the "the borg do not care enough" is the justification that makes the most sense.

"Why give them more time to develop defenses ?"
Because the borg does not care about all these species enough to actually make a serious attempt at assimilating them.
Again, speculation.
Highly probable AKA supported by arguments speculation.
"If they can do so at any time, and have demonstrated the intention of doing so, why don't they ?"
Because they just do not care enough (AKA that intention is not all you think it is).

My "speculation" is based on arguments and highly probable.
You do not even have an argument beyond repeating speculation here, speculation there.
Well, Belz, I will repeat something myself: can you actually come up with arguments to build an even marginally probable speculation yourself? Until now, you have not proven this.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton

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