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Re: What's up with some DS9 fanboys' attitude?

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My only input would be on "Spock rejected human values more than Odo"

Kirk :"His was the most...human"

Yes Spock would come back with something like "No need to be insulting." But Kirk is essentially correct.
Something being human has nothing to do with human values.

In this case, human values itemizes norms of human behavior and needs, specific parameters that typically tends to be associated with our people. Values, social conventions and rituals, our universally normative laws, emotional needs that's generally typical for our race as well as many closely related humanoids.

Spock, like Odo & Data, was meant to serve as an outsider's perspective on the show. Spock and Odo, unlike Data, distanced themselves from the human values they could not understand or/and simply disfavored. As seen in the movies and TNG, Spock eventually accepted that he may be a lot more human than he thought, as Kirk always had proclaimed, but that doesn't mean that he stopped deriding human values and has virtually nothing to do with it at all.

SPOCK: He intrigues me, this Picard.

DATA: In what manner, sir?

SPOCK: Remarkably dispassionate and analytical, for a human. I understand why my father chose to mind-meld with him. There's an almost Vulcan quality to the man.

DATA: Interesting, I had not considered that. And Capt. Picard has been a role model in my quest to be more human.

SPOCK: More human?

DATA: Yes, Ambassador.

SPOCK: Fascinating! You have an efficient intellect, superior physical skills, no emotional impediments. There are Vulcans who aspire all their lives to achieve what you've been given by design.

DATA: You are half-human?


DATA: Yet you have chosen the Vulcan way of life?

SPOCK: I have.

DATA: In effect, you have abandoned what I have sought all my life.

SPOCK: I believe I have isolated the 29th-cipher access code. I shall attempt to access the Proconsul's files.

DATA: Ambassador Spock, may I ask a personal question?

SPOCK: Please.

DATA: As you examine your life... Do you find you have missed your humanity?

SPOCK: I have no regrets.

DATA: "No regrets"... That is a human expression!

SPOCK: Yes. Fascinating!
Even when he acknowledges himself as a humanoid and half-human, he's still an outsider who don't really fancy the human way of life, their strivings and their approaches to matters and eventually overtly irrational emotions.
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