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Re: Should they have made more radical changes to the new Klingons?

I wanted six legged Klingons with electrified bat'leths and a spiky whipping tails and lasers on their heads.

Well I guess, as its an altered reality from the Kelvin incident, that most Klingons will go unchanged, unless you take into account the Enterprise eps. So, if all was ok up until the Kelvin, surely the same can be said for the Klingons post-Ent.

I like to think they were from a different continent or similar than what were used to seeing.

But, I don't mind, JJ and team made them look menacing and creepy and badass, something they had lost in later years. i would liked to have seen more of them though. maybe next time or deleted scenes, hopefully. I liked the subtle changes though. They work for a modern audience IMHO.
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