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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

AbramsIsSatan wrote: View Post
Iron Man 3 has already made a billion dollars worldwide (with a budget of only 200 million). It's opening weekend was 174 million. Paramount has to be disappointed with Star Trek in comparison.
Yeah, but it was a better film in spite of its issues. Quite enjoyable, towards the end even touching, and I'll be getting it on DVD. I can't say the same for STID.

Phily B wrote: View Post
What they needed more of in the marketing.

- Klingons
- Khan
- Spock
- Vengeance firing phasers on the Enterprise

Too secretive, especially for a sequel 4 years later. I remember people on this board saying it's way too secretive, JJ Abrams would go onto a chat show and show 3 frames of it...which was what..six months before release? We knew nothing.
I'd say no to your list only because I think that would have made the ads even more misleading. The Klingons were barely used, and not used well, Khan went by a different name for most of the film and was definitely a hit-and-miss bad guy (that might be good kind of?), Spock (don't get me started) just... wasn't, and well I guess the Vegeance firing on Enterprise would work. There was definitely a lot of action.

The sad thing for me is that it was mostly dumb action that felt like it was piles and piles of crash-crash-bang-bang-boom-boom-'splosion-run-run-crash-crash.....................'splosion.

One thing that would have been honest would have been to make Kirk the center of every ad because that was definitely the case in the film.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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