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Re: The abundance of ideas for a new trek show.

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Right so we have a lot of material to go on for a new series, temporal agency thingy, section 31 is possible, or maybe a series from the klingons point of view, maybe something to do with the vulcans, all series set around the abrahamverse trek, the sky's the limit if anything happens...
I really don't think that a Klingon PoV or Vulcan PoV would be appealing to anybody but hardcore fans. A Klingon PoV or Vulcan PoV could work as an episode in a series, but making the whole series like that would not bring in casual viewers. Temporal Agency Thingy would be once again hard to do to bring in casual viewers, Section 31 could work if it is done right, as a spy series intersecting from time to time with the main universe. It would be more OK to do a series in the abrahamverse set aboard a starship different than the Enterprise that would be kicked of by a crossover with the movie Enterprise and some of the crew, and it would have higher ratings if they could cast some of the stars of the movies as recurring or regulars characters. But than again, I don't think they would do a series where they would compromise their own big screen adventures with some on screen continuity. I think it would be more interesting rebooting TNG in the abramsverse though ... Because of the new universe they would have the liberty to choose from established characters not only from TNG but DS9 and VOY as well, and they could mix them up as well as give them different roles. Now there they could have some fun with the established continuity, there you can have a sky is the limit scenario
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