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Why did the borg send 1 cube when it has millions? Because assimilating the distant federation is very low on its list of priorities - as is obvious despite the federation's and some fans' preconceptions. 1 cube every few years is the limit of the resources it's willing to commit to federation assimilation.
That's speculation. They were pretty quick to send one once they became aware that the Federation existed. And there's an entire quadrant full of species that are technologically incapable of resisting a full invasion. Why give them more time to develop defenses ?

And I'm watching that movie in 2 minutes !

Not even close.
It took the borg a year to send a single cube, when it could send thousands in days.

"Why give them more time to develop defenses ?"
Because the borg does not care about all these species enough to actually make a serious attempt at assimilating them.

1 cube out of millions - every few years? That is a joke - not even on the level of a skirmish for the borg.
As said, despite the delusions of grandeur of the federation starfleet - and some trek fans - have, the borg could care less about it.

And, seeing that the borg has MILLIONS of cubes, tech FAR more advanced that the federation and is assimilating new species, technology and territory/resources at an impressive rate, the borg can not only crush the federation at any time it feels like it, it can do the same thing in the future (even if, by some miracle, the federation manages to close the technology gap, the numerical gap remains overwhelming).

Your turn, Belz - let us see your arguments for your position. Unless, of course, you can only write unsupported dictums.
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