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Re: Which of these guest-characters should Janeway have been with?

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I agree with Teacake that Michael Sullivan was quite literally Janeway's dreamboy...but I just can't get over the fact that he's a hologram...originally designed by Tom Paris nonetheless. Although I have no qualms with the Seven/Doctor pairing for some reason. I just can't see Janeway ultimately sharing a life with the Fair Haven Irishman hologram.
I wasn't answering for "ultimately sharing a life" but rather for having some satisfying sex and picnics and still being able walk out the door and say "computer, end program".

It would have been quite radical for them to just have him there in the background as Janeway's holo-lover!

Tuvok: Mr Neelix, do you know where the Captain is?

Neelix: Oh well ummm you see ummm she's...

Tuvok: I take it she is spending her off duty time in the holodeck.
Well by the end of Spirit Folk, it kind of was that way?!?! Everyone knew what the captain and the hologram were up to romantically by that time...Chakotay, the Doctor, B'Elanna. Of course they couldn't just keep him on the show as her holo-lover though.

But yeah I always assumed in my mind that Kathryn visited the holodeck many times after Spirit Folk to spend time with Michael Sullivan....because they didn't really end their relationship in Spirit Folk. At least not officially. They just never had him in another episode. But she never said "we're done" or "I'm not coming back here". Not at all...
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