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Re: What did you like/dislike about Into Darkness (Spoilers)

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let's make a quick list of all the bad shit about it

>Blue Bussard cells.
Why does the color matter? Would you have preferred none, like the Prime movie era ships?

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>The warp effects being so different from the first movie's badass effects.
The "in subspace" effect was the same; the "jump to warp" effect was substantially the same, just with the "trail" added. And more than justified by the extensive engineering refits the ship has apparently had.

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>Enterprise working in-atmosphere .
Just like "Tomorrow is Yesterday". (Now, if you wanted to complain about it working underwater... )

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>Making the USS Vengeance BLACK 'N SCARY.
The ship is off the books already (because who at Starfleet in their right minds would accept a ship with that name). What's a few buckets of paint at that point?

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>Not even batting an eye at the hundreds (thousands maybe) that died when the USS Vengeance crashed into Starfleet Academy and fucking leveled half of San Fransisco.
The Enterprise crew wasn't exactly in a position to bat an eye at that point. Kirk did acknowledge the heavy death toll in his scene at the end. What else would you have liked to have seen done here?

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>The first scene having no explanation.
>The first scene's plan being fucking terribly thought out and executed (Bungee jump into a volcano and see what happens, Spock.)
I thought it explained itself pretty well. And it wasn't supposed to be a bungee jump!

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>When the Admiral's head gets mushed, his daughter is all smiles the next day. Sure he was a dick, but I'd be pretty fucking traumatized after that.
"The next day"? That scene was almost a year later.

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>Showing the warp core (the fuck was that? Did they film it at CERN or something? It looked expensive).
Lawrence Livermore Laboratory's National Ignition Facility.
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