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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise

Okay, well it looks like I'm not able to edit a post I made a few days ago, so I guess I'll add the picture for Terra Prime as a bonus pick at the end of this post. My photobucket account got fixed, and that's what I was waiting for to finish out my watch thread for ENT. The guy that helped me was really nice. He even told me to "Live long and prosper." How sweet!

Anyway, on to...

These Are The Voyages

It's ten years later, and there's Riker... So, are they doing a TNG episode as the ENT finale??? For ten years passing, T'Pol looks like she's aged more than anyone else. Shouldn't that be the opposite, seeing as Vulcans live at least twice as long? And of course, true to this series, T'Pol was right, and Archer didn't listen... Poor Trip. It's just my personal view, but I think this series went out on a low note with this episode. There were a few nice moments, though. I honestly don't see how this simulation helped Riker, but it is what it is...

Grade: D plus (Cuz I'm nice like that.)


Terra Prime Picture
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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