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Re: 7X13 The Name Of The Doctor(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS!)

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And I thought the Time War cut off all access to the past of the Doctor (when the Doctor destroyed Gallifrey then regenerated), so really Clara should only have been able to go back as far as the Ninth Doctor.

My theory is that the time lock is still in effect, hence why Clara missed the Hurt Doctor when she splintered everywhere. He's the Time War Doctor.

Not that I'm in any hurry to revisit the Time War. The Daleks are a threat to rival the Time Lords? LMAO. The Time Lords are elemental Gods. Give them a more interesting.. Enemy . Probably the ONE thing RTD did right in his otherwise atrocious treatment of the Time Lords was make them an all-powerful force. Swiftly stopped by a deus ex machina of course but otherwise very powerful.

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Speaking of novels, I'd like to declare 'Lungbarrow' non-canon.

There. I've said it.
There's no way in shit that I'm gonna accept Voyage of the Damned or whatever as canon and not the excellent Lungbarrow.
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