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Re: Have cultural standards gotten lower?

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Exactly (not that those kinds of artists can't be entertaining), which is what is exciting about modern opportunities for independent creators. How are you making out with your stuff? Also, do you have any other recommendations (I'll look for the Battles)?
Oh, hah well you know I am tremendously slack when it comes to recording things. I love the songwriting process, and I do it constantly. I'm always writing new material and refining things I have been playing, but I am terrible at getting them down because I find the process of recording to be so tedious.

So I write stuff, and spend months refining it and adding little inflections in etc until I can play it just the way I want, then I get bored of it and move onto a new one. So of the probably hundreds of songs I have written in the last decade alone, I have recorded precisely one. And I can remember, at the current count, three.

Most of them are down and buried somewhere in the thousands of hours of live recordings of my jam sessions with friends that my drummer friend insists on keeping, it's just a question of digging them out when I finally get round to recording again, they'll come right back to me when I try to play them. And I plan to buy a standalone 8 track machine instead of recording on my computer, because I am told it's much much easier. I'll keep you posted.

As far as recommendations go, i'll pass on one from Australis I got a few months back which has frankly blown me away, called Black Country Communion, a band featuring the blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa, Jason Bonham and members of Deep Purple and Dream Theater. Really good stuff, if you are into classic rock.
So it goes.
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