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Re: What did you like/dislike about Into Darkness (Spoilers)

let's make a quick list of all the bad shit about it

>Blue Bussard cells.
>The warp effects being so different from the first movie's badass effects.
>Enterprise working in-atmosphere .
>Making the USS Vengeance BLACK 'N SCARY.
>Khan not being played by someone who looked like Fabio.
>Not even batting an eye at the hundreds (thousands maybe) that died when the USS Vengeance crashed into Starfleet Academy and fucking leveled half of San Fransisco.
>The first scene having no explanation.
>The first scene's plan being fucking terribly thought out and executed (Bungee jump into a volcano and see what happens, Spock.)
>The gunship not blasting Pike into bits when it hits him with its disruptor cannon. Shit, they made that thing sound and feel so beefy, I'd expect it to fucking gib him.
>When the Admiral's head gets mushed, his daughter is all smiles the next day. Sure he was a dick, but I'd be pretty fucking traumatized after that.
>Some other little things that also don't really matter, because I nitpick everything.

Alright, now for the good shit

>Starting it off with a TOS-style alien world with badass makeup on the natives, and generally good art direction.
>The art direction in general.
>The fucking Klingon patrol ships on Kronos, god DAMN that was awesome.
>Khan[ lifting that giant cannon thing that subsequently ripped people's limbs off with each shot.
>Actually surprising me in being Wrath of Khan Two: Electric Bugaloo. When he made the reveal I knew a few seconds beforehand that he was probably going to be Khan, but it still got me to WOAH a bit. I think they handled it pretty well.
>Showing the warp core (the fuck was that? Did they film it at CERN or something? It looked expensive).
>The effects.
>The acting, shit. Damn near everyone was amazing. Kirk made a good Kirk, Spock could walk the walk, Bones was a dick with bad lines (as he should be), Cho made an adequate Sulu, that little Russian kid made a pretty good Chekhov, and McCoy is on par with Pine's acting. Damn great crew they chose.
>When Khan mushes the Admiral's head. That fucking crunch, Jesus.

Overall, a very entertaining movie. Very well done aside from a few artistic liberties they took, really.

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