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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

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@ corporal captain

No, obviously you didn't get it, you're confusing "passion" with "preference". All I was trying to convey was that if you don't feel passionate about something, one shouldn't wonder that the outcome is not a role model of accuracy.

Nah. That's not what you said.

Your post—quoted below, with my reply in question—read like an assertion that FJ should have been disqualified because of his affinity for LiS. Frankly, his liking of LiS has nothing whatsoever to do with the topic at hand.

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aridas sofia wrote: View Post
I don't care how many times this guy says the author of the Technical Manual was a lowly Lost in Space fan. It is irrelevant to the judgement of his work if that work did not depend upon him being a Trek fan.
Stop putting words in my mouth I didn't say. If you think "Lost in Space" is "lowly" that is apparently your opinion, I didn't use the word.

However, I feel if someone is more passionate about "Lost in Space" than Star Trek, then such a person is probably better suited to do something for "Lost in Space" than Star Trek.

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Ah. So, in order to be qualified to work on Star Trek, a person can't enjoy something else more. Got it.
Honestly, it looks to me as if FJ was nothing but passionate about the TM and Connie blueprints. But, we've had this convo before in another thread.

Differences from the show ≠ a lack of passion. On the other hand, initiative, imagination, and vision = passion.
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