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Re: Janeway vs. Nero

Here is a post from the "Reman Warbird Scimitar Thread from last year regarding the canon spec of the Narada. What we see in Countdown, in the film Star Trek, and what is on the special features are not all equal.

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If the Narada really had Borg tech, then why is she portrayed as lacking in all the classic Borg abilities? She seems to be technologically humdrum (slow, almost unarmed), easily wounded (all ramming attacks against it are highly successful, and "shields up" or "shields down" make no difference whatsoever in combat), incapable of any visible self-repair, dependent on centralized resources, low on ammo...

I got the blu-ray special features version of the 09 movie to see all the canon abilities of the Narada. The Narada has reverse engineered Borg tech, helps grow the hull and repair the ship, and run the computer functions. The Narada is armed only with torpedos, and when Nero screamed "Fire Everything" you can count the torpedoes and see only 27 heading for the Jellyfish. The Narada is also equipped with transwarp drive, the special features claim. But nuEnterprise at warp 4 is able to catch up with the Narada as it heads for Earth after Nero destroyed Vulcan. Given the proximity of Earth and Vulcan, it's just another plot hole in the movie.

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Nero wouldn't have had the clout or the time to acquire any Borg tech, either. His "decades of meticulously planning an evil scheme of revenge" came only after he had been stranded away from home base!

The special features does insert that the "simple mining vessel" was upgraded by Romulans at the secret base "The Vault", after Romulus' destruction. Going by what we see in the movie though. Spock left Vulcan, en route to Romulus was destroyed, and Nero appears in his space octopus and both are sucked into the red matter black hole. There isn't time refit a ship that fast.
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