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Re: Would you like a bsg style reboot of Star trek?

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Actually, humans will probably live just fine without gravity - only they will not be able to function in gravity fields.
That's unproven, especially when it comes to reproduction, childhood development, and old age. Besides, humans living in space will need to endure acceleration, such as when rockets are firing. Being in good health, by terrestrial standards, might well end up being essential.
Unproven, but highly likely.
As for enduring temporary acceleration - 0 G grown humans should be able to withstand it, much as we can endure a few Gs worth of acceleration.

All of these being problems if humans do not use centrifugal force for creating gravity AKA if they are stupid enough to deliberately make these problems

And, as you mentioned, we can already do artificial gravity via centrifugal force.
"Artificial gravity" for such purposes is pretty much a non-problem.
In engineering, there's no such thing as a non-problem.
Sure it is - they are also called already solved problems.
The problem of how to build bridges has been solved, yet they still fall down. Wear and tear always creates problems.

Spacecraft with rotating sections will entail their own sets of problems, such as how to avoid catastrophic destruction of the spacecraft, if a section should get hit by space debris.
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