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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

Posted by Iarfirithwen:
Posted by illya_kuryakin:
I like this theory. Very funny. "Scar" isn't Gina, btw. Maybe we've never seen Scar? Or maybe Scar isn't humanoid? Why so impatient anyway? You'll find out in 4 months
I'm just trying to work out if this is legit. No offence illya, but there's alot of weird stuff on the net (if you haven't noticed)

*who is giggling at the moment because my iPod just shuffled onto "Fly me to the moon" *lol* *
There's weird stuff, and totally wrong stuff. Funny thing is, I think the show itself spreads rumors to throw people off (RM is a bit of an internet whore) I can't PM. Ya got a disposable email address you can post here?
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