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And Cumberbatch's Khan was - right from the start, and through to the end - dynamic, threatening, brilliant, and downright badass, all things that Montalban's Khan could never muster, despite the audience being told that he was supposed to be all of them. STID Khan actually WAS.

It's an unpopular opinion among Trekkers, but actually, I completely agree with you. In many ways - CumberKhan was way, way, way more intimidating than MontalKhan ever was. You get the vibe of someone who is so beyond humanity that he thinks of us as ants. I loved it, it was a fresh take on khan and IMO it's a great way to approach a genetically engineered character. You really see how the Eugenics Wars would've posed a real threat to humanity. It feels real and palpable.

I kind of see MontalKhan and CumberKhan in some ways as two different characters. Each is how the same character would be envisioned if being written fresh in the era they were written in.

There was a little bit of cognitive dissonance for me though over trying to connect the name Khan Noonian Singh with very posh British white guy.
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