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Maurice wrote: View Post
Also, the ship could have descended into the ocean 30 miles away approached land underwater.
While you've got your screenwriting hat on, can you venture an explanation as to why they hid the ship in the flippin' ocean in the first place? I like it, it looked cool, and it established just how powerful the Enterprise is, making the beating it took from the Vengeance even more impressive, but I'm at a loss as to what the in-universe rationale is. Did Kirk do it just because he could?

RyuRoots wrote: View Post
Rather than mirroring what I said in the other thread, I'll just say that Saito basically states my thoughts, more or less.

It's hard to overstate how pleasantly shocked I was during and after the movie. I went in expecting a trainwreck and I got one of the best of all 12 films.
+1. Somehow, against all odds, this one has shot up my list into the top three or four. My "core" Trek movies are now TWOK, TUC, FC and STID. (Plus TSFS and TVH if I'm feeling generous.)

Hell of a trick, given how I felt about the last one.
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