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Re: Behr/Moore Interview: [Picard] doesn't do enough f**king and fight

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Hey all! We've just published a two-part on-camera interview with writing/producing duo Ira Steven Behr and Ronald D. Moore.

There's some TNG gold in there which I know people will enjoy hearing. Some of the points covered:

* Ira's panicked first assignment on the job where he's told to write a treatment for Season 3's "The Hunted" but struggles to understand what a Jefferies Tube is!
* Ron rushing out scripts as fast he can to get his first episode nailed, until he's told by Michael Piller "You don't have to do it THIS fast!"
* Ira's battle with "Captain's Holiday". His original script was rejected by Gene, who went CRAZY demanding instead to "Get the captain laid!" "Patrick wants to get laid; he doesn't do enough f---ing and fighting, you gotta get him laid!"

There's lots of other great nuggets in the interview, so check it out - it's available to watch as a video or you can read the transcript:

Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Funny how these stories transmogrify over time. I met and interviewed Mr. Moore in 1990 and he said Patrick Stewart who complained the "the Captain doesn't do enough screwing and shooting" mention of Gene.
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