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Should they have made more radical changes to the new Klingons?

Because this a new altered reality, I would have liked to have seen the writers be more creative with the Klingons - really give them a new identity for this new version of Trek...

For example, I had heard that an early idea for the Klingons in the "Abramsverse" would be that their homeworld was destroyed (perhaps by Nero?), so now they would be like a terrifying group of Viking-like nomads, moving about space, raiding and conquering ... I think that would have been a cool new take on the Klingons (if that wasn't just a rumour...)

Heck, I would even like to see some sort of idea of the Klingons continuing to experiment with genetic alterations and strength changes, working to become "super-soldiers", like they did in Enterprise fourth season, with the Augment DNA, so that they could alter their DNA - imagine seeing Klingons with giant bat-wings that could sail through the air with their bat'leths, or have a mouth full of vicious werewolf -like fangs! They could still have that sense of honor, the same language, etc, but a sort of mutant element to the Klingons to make them feel new and terrifying would be cool - this is a new Trek universe, and has a definite comic-book adventure feel to it, so lets play with the elements!
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